Anti Wrinkle Cream & Face Pack

Anti Wrinkle Cream & Face Pack - F2S Anti Wrinkle is the herbal base and highly effective anti wrinkle cream and face pack. The application of the solutions offered by us also helps in gaining younger looking as well as beautiful skin through -

  • Reduction in appearance of wrinkles

  • Reducing fine lines

  • Reducing other effects of aging

The offered formulation is also safe and promises of a nontoxic treatment that is much more safe and beneficial in comparison to the expensive and painful surgeries undertaken as well as shots that promise of permanent results. Here, we also ensure that the offered formulation is suitable for all skin types.

Key ingredient for F2S Anti Wrinkle Cream:


Indian Name

Latin Name



Neem Ext

Azadirachta indica ext.

Neem is considered best anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and blood purifying agent and is helpful in skin related problems and keep the skin healthy and glowing. Neem is helpful as a tonic and astringent that promotes wound healing. Neem is widely and comprehensively used as powerful blood purifier.


Manjistha Ext

Rubia cordifolia ext.

Heals skin disorders. Improves complexion


Rakta chandan

Pterocarpus santalinus

Astringent, Tonic, Antioxidant.


Ghrita kumariExt

Aloe Vera

It is helpful in the treatment of acne,sunburns. It provides relief from itching. Heals skin disorders


Haridra Ext

Curcuma longa

it is a potent anti-pruritic agent and helps drying the wounds and lesions. Use in the treatment of acne vulgaris. It also results in a radiant and smooth complexion of the skin


Samudra phen

Sepia officinalis

It is effective for brownish yellow, itchy, discolored patches of skin


Gheon ka tail

Triticum sativum

It is a valuable source of Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant, It helps relieve dermatitis symptoms, promotes skin cell formation, and improves blood circulation. The wheatgerm portion of wheat grain contains 25% of the protein along with many minerals and vitamins

Key ingredient for F2S Anti Wrinkle Face Pack:


Indian Name

Latin Name



Multani Mitti

Bentonite clay

Multani Mitti is one of the oldest substances to have ever been used as a natural beauty mask. Used mostly in India, multani mitti contains a lime-rich clay . It makes an excellent cleansing mask and possesses high absorbent qualities to draw oils from our skin


Masoor dal ext.

Ervum lens

vitamin, iron, phosphorus, and fibre. Heals skin disorder


Cucumber ext.

Cucumis sativus

it's an excellent skin-soother and skin-conditioning ingredient.
strong moisturizing capabilities.


Akhrot Ext.

Juglans regia

Astringent, Heals skin disorder


Orange peel

Citrus reticulata

Astringent, Heals skin disorder, Exfoliation, This will penetrate the top layer of skin known as the stratum corneum to reduce fine lines, large pores, comedones (resistant black heads) and minor skin pigmentation problems


Chandan safed

Santalum album

Hydrating property so work as a anti aging agent, antiseptic, astringent

Packaging Details:

  • 60 ml cream + 60 ml face pack

Some benefits of formulation include:

  • Delaying appearance of wrinkles

  • Providing smoothness to fine lines

  • Replenishing essential oils and moisture

  • Helping in improving glow, fairness and skin health

  • Assisting in bringing improvements in peripheral blood circulation directed to face, thus supporting the needs of revitalizing skin

  • Reducing signs of aging

  • Hydrating dryness of skin

  • Restoring elasticity to sagging facial skin

  • Using natural extracts that helps in enhancing beauty and radiance of the face


  • Can be used by any person for improving glow, healthy skin as well as fairness on face

  • Helps in enhancing peripheral blood circulation of face, thus providing for natural glow & shine of health, a result that can be seen on face within a few days of application

  • Herbal ingredients make the pack safe to all skin types

Usage Directions:


  • Apply every night before going to bed

  • After cleansing skin apply the cream to face and neck areas through gentle massaging movement

Face Pack:

  • Apply evenly all over the face

  • Allow face to dry for some time

  • Subsequently wash off face with preferably rose water or even using normal water