Antiasthmatic Medicines

Antiasthmatic Medicines are used for treating/preventing asthma attacks especially for people with symptoms of asthma and have inflamed & blocked airways with mucus that during attack of asthma narrows the air passage opening. These attacks are caused by allergies from pets, pollen, dust as well as other irritants. Further, persons who do not have allergies can also have asthma with the triggering related to intense emotions, exposure to cold, exercise, stress as well as certain medication/medical conditions.

The approaches that need to be followed for stopping the triggering include avoiding substances as well as situations and making use of medicines for treating/preventing the occurrence of the symptoms. The combination of these both allows people with asthma to find relief as well as live normal lives.

We hold expertise in manufacturing high performance assured anti-asthmatic drugs. The range includes:

  • Fexofenadinee tablets

  • Loratadine

  • Montelukast

  • Salbutamol

  • Ambroxol

FEXOL � LD (Fexofenadine 120 mg tab)

FEXOL - HD (Fexofenadine 180 mg tab)

V-FAST (Loratadine 10mg tab)

ASMA UL (Montelukast 10mg tab)

Salbutamol 2mg oral liquid

AMBROXOL Syrup (Ambroxol 30 mg syrup)


  • Preventing occurrence of asthma symptoms

  • Prevent asthma attacks and reduce emergency room visits/hospitalization

  • Allow in maintaining normal activities

  • Decreasing need to use rescue inhaler

The classic signs of asthma include:

  • Coughing

  • Wheezing

  • Chest Tightness

  • Shortness of Breath

  • To be used as prescribed by the physician