Technology is transforming Khel pharmaceutical (pvt)ltd. and the way we do business as never before. From high value diagnostic tools based on genetic markers to breakthroughs in safety-engineered devices for health care workers to novel ways of delivering medicine to the body, technology is broadening our opportunities for revenue growth, competitive advantage and in keeping with our larger aspiration helping us help all people live healthy lives.



1 Lecowell 240 ml Leukorrhea+Amenorrhea+dy smenorrheal+menopause
2 Vitamix 240 ml Mutlivitamin+ Mineral+Anti- oxidant
3 Ginbinko 240 ml + 120ml Ginko biloba extract
4 Irobeen 120ml Iron preparation
5. Unison -D(Drops) 15ml Vitamin A+D3
6 Unical 240ml Calcium+Zinc+Megnesium+Vita min D1
7 Unigex plus suspension( Mi nt Flavour) 240 ml Anti-Acid+ calcium+Indigestion+Dyspepsia +flatulence +bloating
8 Unigex Plus suspension (Mint Flavour 120 ml Anti-Acid+ calcium+Indigestion+Dyspepsia +flatulence +bloating
9 Globex-M 240 ml Mutlivitamin+ Mineral+Anti- oxidant
2 Vitamix 240 ml Mutlivitamin+ Mineral+Anti- oxidant